May 2016

Are you a Graphic or Logo Designer looking for some extra cash? If your answer is “YES” you are at right place. Today I am going to tell you about few awesome website to sell your artwork or Logos. One can make extra cash working as freelance with these website.

Below are list of website were one can sell Logos and other graphic works.

LogoMyWay allows you to enter design contests and submit your designs to numerous open contests. If the corporate likes your designs, you win the prize can earn min 200$ to 500$ per contest.

This is a preferred graphic design marketplace and may get you some really good cash. Designers need to follow some pre-specified pointers arranged by the competition holders and submit the designs. If the corporate is impressed along with your design, you win the competition and take away the cash.99designs is the world’s biggest market place for graphic designers.

crowdspring is a Chicago based company. You are not simply limited to submitting logos  but one can also submits websites, print styles and illustrations etc. you do not have to be compelled to enter contest here, simply submit the most effective artwork of your work and await somebody to shop for it.

Brand Crowd focuses a lot of on quality instead of amount or quantity and helps you to earn 60% of the sales revenue generate from your designs.

Inkd is an experienced team, working hard to create the world's first online marketplace for cutting edge print designs. Inkd offer a very high quality content.

The name itself should provide you with a clue on what variety of web site this might be. They hold contests (tournaments) to urge the best designs potential and charge 15% commission of the winning prize.

Designcontest has some extremely proficient set of designers, who are thriving to bring the most effective designs possible and take the prize money away.

Zilliondesigns is however to become an established marketplace. However, the probabilities of winning the contests is high considering the quantity of designers who participate.

48hourslogo is the fastest, easiest and very affordable way to get a beautiful, custom designed logo. Mostly the design contest run for 48 hours.

HatchWise could be a contest website recommended largely for starters Graphic Designers, as there's no stiff or difficult  competition and that might allow you to simply create some extra smart cash.

Logoarena (founded in 2010) is an ideal place for beginners likewise as professional designers to undertake their hand. They need a decent number of contests in their bag and keeps growing day after day.

At Stocklogos One can buy or sell Logos. Beginner graphic designer can sell there logos.

How To build some extra cash online With Graphic DesigningIt looks to be a really common job these days and as additional and more individuals learn graphic Designing Courses the question that’s on everybody mind is what jobs am i able to do and from where one should start doing the course . Well I’m getting to show you the most effective ways that to earn cash through graphic style.- make preparations to bring in some additional money and start living your life.

Different Type Of graphic Designing
If you simply wish to earn cash and don’t mind what kind of graphic design you’re doing, then the most effective Way to earn is by designing  logo and advertisement design, one can quickly and easily start, and might earn you A good amount of money from $4 to $20 per design you are doing.

This is most likely the foremost cash you’ll earn in your career and also the demand is high, each website, business, and plan sometimes wants a emblem and each website sometimes wants a number of ads done, in different totally different sizes.

As you'll be able to see this is often one in all the most effective way to build cash with graphic design and that’s why we’re planning to specialize in it.

What you need ?
  1. A software like Photoshop .
  2. Time To Learn.
  3. Freelance Websites.
List Of Few Website Where One Can Start Working Online As Graphic Designer And Start Making Cash.

One of the simplest places i do know to start out earning cash is Freelancer, you'll get paid per hour and might charge x amount per logo design.

It’s one amongst the simplest places to start out because individuals can use you because you’re low-cost, it doesn’t matter an excessive amount of regarding your reviews. thus work on obtaining some individuals to your Freelancer page and find able to begin making logos.

If you get a decent credit on Freelancer you'll begin earning up to 200+ dollars an hour, it’s simply the very best paying place and at the start you'll charge around $20 per logo, that appears low-cost however trust me once you get smart at creating them and might do four an hour you’ll begin being on a correct wage.

If you’re smart at brand creation then this can be the simplest approach you'll start bringing cash in, i'd also do that alongside the items below to start out creating even extra money online with graphic design.

Fiverr is that the best place to begin selling and obtain on your way to creating cash online with graphic design, if you’ve got a decent logo/ad gig on fiverr you actually can get such a lot of consumers if you are doing it right. Go and look at the highest graphic designers on fiverr, the individuals who’ve sold  4000 + and see what their gigs looks like.

Literally copy it along with your own logo/ad portfolio, so simply use the strategies below to begin selling it, within no time you’ll be selling ten to twenty on a daily basis. This won’t appear to be plenty of cash however it extremely will add up.

As these logo/ads are solely $5 a pop you don’t got to create them perfectly you only got to get very fast at doing them, build a system and take a look at to do as several as you can in a very few hours.

Once you rise so far with the speed and might do one each ten minutes then you'll begin earning cash. You’ll be operating 24 dollars an hour as you merely get four dollars per logo you are doing. (Fiverr takes a one dollar cut)

Say you started doing 20 of them on a daily basis you’d get on $80 every day, together with the freelancer cash and a few of the ways below you’ll be creating cash with graphic design in no time.

48hourslogo goes to be a bit more durable to affix however still worth it. This all depends on how smart you are at your graphic design work, if you’re the best then you can earn $1000 + on a daily basis doing five to ten logos, if you are not so good then you almost certainly won’t create nothing.

All that happens is somebody asks for a logo design and gives a price money, it’s perpetually over 99 dollars and frequently is around 130 to 300 usd, once they’ve given some details and put a price money they send their campaign live.

After that you will get the chance to try and do logos for it along with countless alternative designers, the person then picks a logo and pays the one who did that one logo.

This is the highest you’ll get acquired a logo however you’ll got to be nice and that i always find the key to try and doing well on this website is to do 5 to 10 logos on each contest all totally different that the person has more to choose from, say you probably did 50 logos on a daily basis and entered 5 contests and won all, you may earn 500 to 1500 usd in only one day. not bad for a days work.

This extremely could be a certain way to earn cash and you’ll got to be superb to be able to love. This extremely is a must if you would like to create cash online with graphic design.

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