April 2016

MPC has created VFX for batman v Superman film of american superheros of DC Comics characters Superman, batman and woman. inventive team at MPC had worked on VFX for batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice. Weta Digital, the VFX company behind the krypton sequence in Man of Steel, had come for batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Benefits One advantage of using storyboard is that it allows the user to experiment with changes in the story line to evoke stronger reaction of interest. Flashbacks for instance are often the result of sorting story boards out of chronological order to help build suspense and interest.

The process of visual thinking and planning allows a group of people to brainstorm together, placing their ideas on the story boards and then arranging the story boards on the wall. This fosters more ideas and generates consensus inside the group.


Storyboards for sales are created in a multiple step process_ they can be created by hand drawing or digitally on the computer.

If drawing by hand, the first step is to create aor download storyboard template. This look much like a blank comic strip, with space for comments and dialogue. Then sketch thumbnail story board some directors sketch thumbnail directory in the script margins this story boards get their name because they are rough sketch not bigger than thumb nails for some Motion Pictures terminal story boards are sufficient.

However some filmmakers relay heavily on the story boarding process. If a director or producer wishes, more detailed and elaborate story board image created. These can be created by professional storyboard artist by hand on paper or digitally by using 2D storyboarding programs. Some software applications even supply a stable of story board specific image making it possible to quickly create shots which express the director’s intent for the story. These Board 1tebd to contain more detailed information than thumbnail story board and convey more of the mood for the scene. These are then presented to the project cinematographer who achieve the director’s vision.

finally if needed 3D story boards are created the advantage of 3D story board is this show exactly what the film camera will see using the lenses the film camera will use the disadvantage of 3D is the amount of time it takes to build and construct the shot 3D story both can be constructed using 3D animation programs all digital puppets with in 3D programs some programs have a collection of low resolution 3D figures which can aid in the process some 3D application allow cinematographers to create technical story boards which are optically correct shots and frames.

Technical 3D programs can sometimes help the cinematographer learn what challenges the director has created for them to achieve Complex story telling shots.

Points to Remember
No matter which story board format you choose the following information must be included.
1. A sketch drawing of the screen page or frame.
2. Colour placement and size of graphics is important.
3. Actual text if any for each screen page or frame.
4.  Colours size and type of font if there is text.
5.  Narration if any.
6. Animation if any.
7. Video if any.
8. Audio if any.
9. Audience interaction if any.
10. Anything else the production crew needs to know.

Production story board checklist
There is a story board for each page screen or frame.
Each storyboard is numbered.
All relevant details (colour graphics sound font visuals are indicated.
All text or narration is included in cross-referenced with its corresponding story board number.

Each production team member has a copy or easy access to a copy of the story boards.